Kick the Can with Strike Force

Admin stuff out of the way. I do not know Sean Matson personally. We have had one conversation on LinkedIn. I did not receive the product for free. I actually purchased it as you should because it’s Awesome with an Army A!  Now with that out of the way, lets get down to the review.

First thing I wanted to know, after reading the nutritional facts, was how does it taste?

Answer? Great! If you were ever a Private and ripped open a beverage base powder from a MRE and poured into your mouth. Yeah, that kinda great. If you were never in the military, think pixie stix candy but not as sweet. Which brings me to my other point.

Convenience. To my surprise, the pouches actually contain liquid not powder. So, no worries about staining your favorite bottle or spilling powder all over the place and attracting ants.

What does it goes with? Pretty much everything from Tea to Tequila. In my chat with Sean he mentioned that one of his favorite combos was Lemon Strike Force Energy with unsweetened ice tea or lime soda water. Well, I’m from North Carolina and I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as unsweetened tea. I didn’t have any lime soda but I did have this.



It was ridiculous how great the combination was. I went to try the lemon with plain bottle of water, the grape and the orange also. Lemon is my favorite but they all taste great and mix clear.

How did it make me feel? I took one before my workout instead of my normal stuff and didn’t see any major drop-off in performance and it taste better and is less messy. Strike Force has 120mg of caffeine, about the equivalent of a cup and a half of coffee. Where the product really shines is that I felt ZERO crash (always good for an Aviator), zero jitters and no disgusting  after taste.

Verdict: Great product, great taste, great company.

How can you support? In my area the only place I found to purchase locally was at a US Patriot Tactical Store. 7-11 carries the product in a few states. The easiest way is purchase Online Direct from Strike Force Energy or through Amazon

If you would like to know more about Sean and his transition story be sure to check out this Connecting Vets article by CBS Eye on Veterans host Eric Dehm.

Thank you for your time.



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